The Side Effects of Permanent Tattoos


Many people wonder about permanent tattoo side effects. A lot of people in this day and age have tattoos. So it is a pretty safe operation.

The one thing about tattoos is that the older ones were more of ink based. That means that those tattoos got a little runny over the years and faded. So the tattoo would look kind of fuzzy around the edges in about 20 years.

Now, tattoos have metallic paints and are much more vibrant. These tattoos might get a little bit older over the years, but they will still look good.

There are not really any permanent tattoo side effects, but if a person gains or loses weight, then the tattoos will be distorted. This is mainly in extreme cases and not just the loss or gain of 10 pounds. Also, a person might get stretch marks that will show up after events such as the birth of a baby.